iPhone Not Getting DHCP – FIXED!

I’ve been having a nightmare getting my iPhones to get DHCP addresses the past week or so.

This morning I went out bought a new Time Capsule and some Airport Express devices with the intent of going to an all Apple network away from the Netgear stuff I’ve been using.

Before starting the process I went down to a room downstairs with my Macbook Pro to check the signal strength and noticed two Wifi networks with the same SSID.  Hmmm…

I then realized that my Wireless-to-Ethernet bridge device for my Foxtel iQ2 box was on the same network as the main router.  If those two lost their relationship…


Unplugged the bridge and presto – the Macbook only saw one of the two networks and my iPhone picked up an IP address straightaway.

So that’s one problem solved.

Now if I could just my Macbook to stop randomly running iTunes whenever I press the “i” key, that would be awesome.


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