Next Generation Messaging Client

I’m a little surprised that nobody has yet nailed a “Messaging Client” that combines email and manages social media.  I don’t believe that I’m any different than most people when I say that probably a larger part of my time is now spent on viewing social networking feeds than on email.  What I get from Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. is as important as email to me now.

I’d like to see a top notch client that not only handles my corporate email, but also let’s me have folders for my various personal email accounts, has a good RSS reader, threaded twitter discussions, pulls in my stream from Facebook and on, and on…  I should then be able to easily respond or update to any of that.

Email clients have become passe, but there I think there is a big space for “Messaging Clients” that do everything described above.  Integrate that with a great social calendaring tool like Tungle and maybe some kind of next generation contact system that amalgamates my Outlook Global Address Book with my LinkedIn contacts and you’d have a pretty compelling piece of software.

And the final piece, host the whole lot in the cloud so that it is accessible via my iPhone, iPad (whenever Apple gets around to announcing pricing and actual dates for Australia) or a browser.


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